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On the last date of their first tour we got the chance to talk about their influences, tour life, their debut album and what the future holds for them.

Ashleigh: How did you get started?

Tyler: Sam and I were in a band and Alex managed us. We went to the studio to record an album and we needed a drummer. Scott was our man.

Sam: Because he plays on time.

Ashleigh: What were some of your influences?

Sam: I like All Time Low, My Chemical Romance, Foo Fighters, Adele, Demi Lovato. I like all sorts of things. It's very rock and pop influenced.

Ashleigh: How has this debut record impacted your career?

Sam: Out of all the records I've worked on, it's been the most receptive. Our music videos have had a very good reception. I mean, the numbers just keep growing. And hopefully as we keep touring we'll get more fans and everything will keep going up.

Alex: Yeah, it's been fun. Everyone's really enjoyed the record. We think we've put out a record that pretty much everyone can relate to.

Sam: It shows a lot of diversity, a lot of people can vibe with it.

Alex: Yeah, it's not just one thing, it kind of encompasses a lot of stuff.

Same: Yeah, like in "Crazy" you get, like trap elements, which is interesting for pop-punk. It's not something I was used to. But then you go to things like "Blast Off", which is just straight pop-punk. So I feel like there's things for everyone on the record.

Ashleigh: How was it working with Travis Barker on "You Can't Blame Me", and 5 Seconds of Summer on the record?

Sam: It was surreal. It was more surreal with Travis Barker, because he's a huge icon. But overall, all of those dudes treated us like regular people and it was just insane to work with those people and to understand that they are also regular people. They were nothing but helpful and they did a lot to teach us about what the music industry is and how we can grow, so I think it was a super big opportunity for us. And they still support us to this day, so it's pretty sick.

Ashleigh: How was working with John Feldman?

Sam: He's a nut but it was exciting in the best way.

Ashleigh: How was the Blink 182 tour?

Tyler: The Blink tour was the best. They treated us like family. We've never been so spoiled in our entire lives. We roll up and they unload everything for you, and then you go eat breakfast, and then a couple of hours later they have a lunch buffet, and then you just hang out and then you have soundcheck, play a show, and dinner's ready! It was crazy, it was awesome.

Ashleigh: I'm sure that helped you build a career and name too?

Sam: For sure. The only downside was we didn't have a CD out yet.

Alex: So the crazy thing was, the Blink shows were our first shows as a band. As Makeout. So we showed up, no one knew us, no one knew any of our music, knew nothing about us. We just played and had a great time.

Sam: But they vibed. So it was a great time. We even got a rider on that tour. It was the first time we had a rider in our careers.

Ashleigh: What's your favorite song to play live?

Scott: I think it's "Salt Lake City" for me. Or "Clockwork"

Tyler: "Clockwork"

Sam: "Lisa"

Listen to the whole interview here

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