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Chase Atlantic and Lauren Sanderson Chicago Show Review

Written by Calysta Botello

Photos by Stone Wertz

The energy, vibe, and connection I felt was super welcoming. The atmosphere was full of excitement and people were already talking to strangers about what song both of the artists were going to play. Some people couldn’t hold their excitement in and others were trying to keep their cool, but they couldn’t because of seeing someone walk across the stage.

The independent, strong, and inspirational Lauren Sanderson was the greatest opener I have seen in a while. She was very interactive with the crowd because she would look at someone in the crowd who was rocking to her songs. She would dance along with them and let them know that she sees them. Her first song “The Only One” got everyone so hyped for her. I was so stoked because her album DON’T PANIC! blew up so fast and the songs were relatable and comforting and that is the kind of connection everyone should experience. I felt her energy the whole time she was on stage because of her love for connecting with people. Her positive energy got every single person in the room to jump, dance, and sing along with her. “Differently” is one of my favorites that she performed. She gave everything that she had throughout her performance and anyone could see that.

Her song “Electric” is one that I relate to the most. People come and go in our lives and the song was very well put together for us to be able to relate to. It is hard to find someone who puts their true feelings and emotions in their music, but Lauren was able to prove that she puts her heart and soul into her music. Between songs, she would talk to the crowd and not only get everyone excited, but she would give an inspirational speech. She talked about how no one should listen to the people who tell them their dreams are too wild, farfetched, or anyone who didn’t believe in them. Lauren is one of the most influential artists in the industry and it is rare to find an artist who truly does believe in their fans and their dreams. Her music altogether is relatable because we’re all human and things happen in our life. It has also helped me become more comfortable and open with myself because some people made me feel bad for my sexual orientation. It is because of her music and inspirational words that everyone can be more accepting of themselves and learn to love who they are. The connection I felt from her energy is something I will never forget because it was openhearted, true emotions, and it was the best escape from reality. I have never been so in touch with my emotions until I heard of Lauren. She is the artist that you have to see live because she really is the life of the party.

Being a big fan of Chase Atlantic’s for years, it will come to no surprise that I went to their concert. The light production was truly amazing. A mix of pink and purple with strobe lighting. The smoke machines are a given for their concerts, but what made me in awe of their set was when Mitchel and Clinton were in between smoke machines and you see their silhouettes with beautiful colors behind them. The lights went along with the rhythm and not only was it amazing to watch, but it really connected everyone with their emotions. I felt like I was at a rave on cloud nine. The atmosphere was one of the most welcoming environments. I was in the back and when I ran into the crowd to join the jumping crowd, people had put their arms around me, rocked out with me, and even helped me get a good view. Being a short person, it is hard to get a good view to even see the artist’s head. Majority of their songs they performed were off of their new album “Phases” and seeing them previously at other venues, I knew how breathtaking their productions were. Their lights set the mood for whatever song they perform. They connect with the crowd so well because of how much the floor was shaking, people were screaming, and they really rocked the house.

The most anticipated song was “STUCKINMYBRAIN” and once we all heard the opening for the song, everyone lost it. People ran up to get closer to the stage, people were dancing like no one was around and it was so amazing to see people coming together in unity. The lights, the presentation in the background, and the performance was assembled so smoothly that I did not want the concert to end. That’s how I knew that I was connected with the sound, performance, and everything in between. Overall, both performers had put their everything to get to where they are now, and their hard work shows. I highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t heard of their music or seen them live because the concert was one of the most eye catching, spectacular, and more than I could have ever dreamed it would be.

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