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Never Better "Transcend" EP Review

Written by Maranda Brink

As the Chicago based band Talk To You Never came to a sad close, a new chapter has emerged in a new and improved band: Never Better. As a follower of Talk To You Never, I was super stoked to hear about this current chapter.

The EP begins with some sick bass in “Nice Night for a Neck Injury”. The song has an incredibly catchy chorus with an iconic “sink or swim” line. This song is a perfect start to this powerful and captivating album with a killer melody.

“Shame on Me for Kissing You with My Eyes Closed so Tight” is the single that is out NOW! I listened to this as soon it came out and it did not disappoint. This song has a very Rise Against sounding opening with a fantastic guitar riff. The song talks about a relationship betrayal and the heartbreak that ensued. The line “I can’t believe that this is really you” ties in with the title of the song. It is like they finally opened their eyes to see that they] true person they were kissing isn’t the person that they once loved. I love a classic heartbreak song that everyone can relate to.

The third track is called “3:33”. This song is loaded with the feeling of anxiety and depression caving in. I asked Mike what the title of the song meant because I wasn’t sure how it fit in with the song. However, he explained that 3:33 is the witching hour. This demonstrates the horror of being “haunted” by these intense and crippling feelings.

I’m in love with the fourth song, “Finding a Light in the Darkness.” This song has a deep feeling on how to be fearless and bold through comradery and your own strength. I imagine myself taking the bull by the horns and taking control of my life. It’s anthem melody makes you want to head bang and scream these lyrics… LOUD. I can see this song played fantastic live!

Lastly, “Epilogue” is a classic breakup goodbye song. This song tells the story of a relationship that is completely over with no chance of rekindling the flame. The line “Well I’m a bitter, anxious mess, but I won’t hide behind the wreckage” is my favorite, just because it shows how even though someone can be so hurt, they can still stand tall and end the relationship.

Overall, this album is an awesome group of songs that all have power and passion behind them. Never Better truly is a new and improved band. I’m very excited to see these songs live and see what else they have in store!

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