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Chase Atlantic Chicago Show Review

Written by Carmen Mueller

Australian smoke show Chase Atlantic played at the Bottom Lounge on October 13th and it was a night that I had been anticipating since they announced their world tour. The band got their start on X Factor and have rebranded into the trio that is Mitchel Cave, Christian Anthony, and Clinton Cave. Over the years, the band has gained a larger audience, which grew after their self-titled album that debuted late last year. Known for their emo-esque alternative vibe and the beloved saxophone, the boys created a night that could not have gone any better.

The supporting acts are such an important part of any concert experience and RILEY and Cherry Pools did not disappoint. RILEY was able to create a very chill yet fun vibe for the start of the show with his dark smooth sound and electronic tracks. He has incredible stage presence, and as someone who hadn’t heard of him beforehand, I felt like he was a perfect first act for the show. One of the songs that stood out to me the most was the song “No Limit”, it connected well with the audience and tied in nicely with Chase Atlantic with its saxophone.

Cherry Pools brought in a very upbeat indie sound with songs like “Hollywood” and “Forever Young”. The Canadian band delivered a performance that was kickass with lead singer Martin Broda’s femininity, banging drums by Sean Medeiros, and bassist Talyn Prior. They had amazing chemistry with the whole room; jumping fully into the crowd and always keeping a remarkable amount of energy. Not only did their unique sound stand out, but they also won over the hearts of everyone with their incredible cover of Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel”. They truly stood out and I am incredibly excited to see where they go from here.

At this point in the night, people were flocking to the stage, highly anticipating the first glimpse of Chase. Once they came on, the room roared with energy in what I can only explain as a spiritual experience. The boys played some fan favorites off of their debut album: “Triggered”, “Okay” and “The Walls” were some of standouts of the night along with some of their newer singles “YOU TOO”, “Numb to the Feeling”, and “Tidal Wave”. While the overall night was full of rocking out and dancing, Mitchel pulled back and opened up about the fact that a year ago they played the same venue, but to half a crowd. And now, in 2018, on their world tour, Bottom Longue is the biggest show they have ever sold out. They slowed things down with “Ozone” which was not only beautifully performed but also created a sense of familial belonging and mental health awareness. One of Chase Atlantic’s greatest strengths to me, is not only their music, but the fact that they are obviously incredibly grateful for this family that they have created. Despite Mitchel having a slipped disk, injured foot, and throat issues, he and the boys succeeded in putting on one of the best rock shows I’ve seen in a long time. The boys’ passion for their fans and their music has truly created an amazing little family that I am sure will only grow bigger and bigger.

I walked out of that concert with the biggest smile on my face and felt like these little moments is what makes life so special. It might have been 19 degrees out, but from all the jumping and singing, I could hardly feel the cold. The only thing I could feel was happiness.

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