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Gerard Way’s Halloween Release and Queen Covers

Written by Carmen Mueller

While My Chemical Romance has been long dead (I know, too soon) Gerard Way has just released a new song right in time for Halloween. “Baby You’re a Haunted House” is a great rock song for rocking out with spooky season. The video for the song is out now on YouTube, so please, treat yourself and check it out.

Shawn Mendes has also dropped his video for “Lost in Japan” which was a super popular song off of his self-titled album. The video is not only so beautifully shot, but it also features 13 Reason’s Why actress Alisha Boe!

Additionally, Shawn Mendes has covered Queen’s hit song “Under Pressure” (feat. Teddy<3). This rendition is for the upcoming biopic film on the band Bohemian Rhapsody which is set to come out October 2nd. Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer have also contributed to the project by covering the song “Killer Queen”. These two covers are the only ones to have been released as of October 26th. And all the proceeds from the songs will be donated to the Mercury Phoenix Trust, and organization that helps fight AIDS and HIV, which was organized in honor of the late Freddie Mercury.

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