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New Singles from Eminem, Lana Del Rey, The 1975, and More!

Written by Carmen Mueller

Music has been dropping like flies from so many bands and artists that I seems like someone is releasing new material every day. A lot is happening right now all over the music scene regardless of genre, so stick around, because here is what you need to know.

First off let’s start with Eminem. People lost their minds when he released the surprise album Kamikaze. On that project, the song “Not Alike” took a few shots at Machine Gun Kelly and shortly after MGK released his own response “Rap Devil” playing off of Eminem’s own song “Rap God”. After “Rap Devil”, Eminem fired back with his own diss track “Killshot”. Whether or not these two are done going at each other, go and check out both songs to determine who you think had the better diss!

Outside of the diss tracks are some more singles covering a wide variety of genres so here is a quick look of what is brand new. In the world of alternative pop is Against the Current who also released their track “Voices” from their upcoming album Past Lives which is set to drop September 28th.

British band The 1975 dropped their single “Sincerity Is Scary” while promoting their upcoming UK and Ireland Tour.

Some other singles that have recently dropped include Lana Del Rey’s “Mariners Apartment Complex” and Ryn Weaver’s “Reasons Not To Die”.

All of these tracks are now available so go and check them out!

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