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5 Seconds of Summer Release "Valentine" Music Video

Written by Carmen Mueller

After 5SOS released their video for “Valentine” two weeks ago, people were confused as to why skeletons were dancing on their screen for minutes on end. Of course, the four Aussies are no strangers to being internet trolls; the later announced that their official video for the song would come later. Well, the true video is now out and I must say, this is probably the most vintage inspired video the boys have released so far. Drummer Ashton Irwin and the boys’ photographer and friend Andy DeLuca were the creators spearheading this project.

The video is a simple take on the song’s lyrics and focuses heavily on the aesthetic and style the boys have been cultivating with this latest album. The coloring and effects are beautiful, yet they still find a way to incorporate that cute skeleton theme from their troll video.

Check out the video below!

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