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Nothing But Thieves “Forever & Ever More” Single Review

Written by Carmen Mueller

f you’ve been out of the loop, UK band Nothing But Thieves released a new single titled “Forever & Ever More”. Let me just start of by saying this band never fails to amaze me with their sense of self and sound. After the success of their senior album Broken Machine, I have been craving more from the group since they are able to continuously excite me whenever they have something new.

From this recent single, I can definitely hear the similarities between them and Muse, who they had toured with in the past. However, Nothing But Thieves truly remains unique due to the powerhouse that is Conor Mason. His insane falsettos and distinct soulfulness is a staple for the band, and while the high notes have taken a break on this track, his powerful sound is never lost. The story follows the appeal of a more risky love and that vibe is echoed through a darker vocal performance and high paced guitars. The addition of vocal manipulation is something new that is featured in this song, but really works with the delusion expressed in the story.

I’m totally psyched to see what else we get from the boys; they constantly produce incredible material and exhibit some of the best this genre has to offer. So if you have yet to check out this band or this single, I’d get on that.

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