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Why Not "Ready 4 The World" Single Review

Written by Carmen Mueller

I am really happy, guys. If you’re wondering why, well, it’s because I listened to Minneapolis band Why Not. When I go into writing, especially for a band that I am not aware of, it can sometimes be daunting, because I just don’t know what to expect. But my damn, I’m really impressed with these guys. Henry Breen (bass and vox), Isaac Dell (guitar) and Joshua MacGregor (drums) sent over their single “Ready 4 the World”, so let me break down why you should give this band a listen.

One of the aspects about the band that immediately impressed me was the style of the song. The beginning of the song starts out in an almost pop rock style from Dell’s great guitar, it is super distinctive especially during the chorus. And from there the song is built up with more rock-influenced drums and some really interesting vocals. I think Breen does a great job diving into his falsetto but then coming back down with bass tones; it gives the song a lot of character. And the style continues to grow until it reaches a louder more aggressive approach; MacGregor has a great drum breakdown towards the end of the track along with some dirty vocals in the mix.

Another aspect that surprised me was how mature the writing is! These guys are quite young; only high school students, and yet I feel like their lyrics are more elevated than some big name bands. They go deep into the psychology of meaning and intention: Who am I? Is what I’m doing honest? Who am I supposed to be? It makes sense for young people to be asking these sort of questions, but anyone can relate to it because it is presented in such a raw way.

I’m truly stunned by how much talent these guys have for being so young; they have great lyrics, captivating style, and enormous skill. Why Not are finishing up their tour with Pleasantries, The Happy Children and A Mammoth Task and are expecting to release an EP at the beginning of next year! Keep an eye out for Why Not, because they are definitely going places.

Check out their social medias below:

Instagram Handle: @whynotbandofficial

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