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With Confidence "Love and Loathing" Album Review

Written by Carmen Mueller

The three-part Aussie group With Confidence just finished performing in the final Van’s Warped Tour and after that high, they have released their second full length album. Love and Loathing dropped on August 10, 2018, and is already showing signs of the young band maturing into a more sophisticated sound.

The new album starts off with the first single they released “That Something”, an upbeat track about finding that one thing that makes everything else seem worth it. I really enjoy the melody on this track and the change in rhythm in the second verse. It’s a really fun song that has a fresh sound and exception drums by Joshua Brozzesi.

Nothing makes me happier than an album with seamless transitions and “That Something” perfectly leads into “Sing to Me”, so thanks for that, boys. If your name is Emily, then enjoy, this song is all about you. The impending excitement of the love story in the first track grows into one that shows promise with its sweet lyrics and Jayden Seeley’s vocals. It really builds into a booming track towards the bridge with the dirtier vocals and harder drums.

“Moving Boxes” takes a total turn in terms of the story. No longer is the love something that is exciting and full of wonder; but instead, separation is on the horizon. As the title would suggest, the two have to move on from each other. I really liked hearing Seeley and Inigo Del Carmen’s voices together on this track and the guitars really stand out. It opens with only Seeley’s voice and the guitar which allows me to hear how great the vocals are.

This song “The Turnaround” is something special. From the start, it opens with really interesting instrumentals that reminds me of when people make beats out of brooms and pvc pipes; there’s something about it that sounds really industrial and unique. I think the melody on this song is really cool, too. It takes a lighter rock approach which makes sense for the lyrics; uncertainty and growth.

The story continues with the second single released by the band “Jaded”. This relationship seems to be a tricky one; expectations are unclear and the two are moving around in circles, never really accomplishing anything. Brozzesi’s drumming really stands out and the isolated vocals in the song are nice touch; it’s always a stylistic choice that I seem to favor and the boys do a marvelous job at it.

“Better” is showing the boys experimenting with the production; the opening features a more electronic take than anything that has been on the project so far. The guitars by Del Carmen and Seeley are a major highlight along with Seeley’s vocals. The song really touches on basic desires people have; wanting to feel valuable and to feel appreciated. How can I be better so then I can find the love and worthiness I think I deserve?

“Spinning” is an upbeat track that is so hopeful, the distance between America and the band’s native country Australia isn’t going to drive the two apart. This may be my favorite track on the whole album. The guitars and drums are super strong, the vocals are really unique and more mature, and the subject matter is turning away from the doom and gloom which I really appreciate.

We slow down significantly on the track “Bruise”. The heavy guitars and drums are traded in for a more relaxed yet haunting song. Seeley regretfully recalls a love that leaves you feeling so numb that the only way to feel something is to put pressure on the pain. It’s a beautifully somber track and makes it on my top three songs from the album.

“Pâquerette (Without Me)” is possibly the most mature track on the album so far. The first fully acoustic song that translates to “Daisy (Without Me)” and is, to me, is as pretty as a daisy. The song is reminiscent of Ed Sheeran’s “Happier”; you see the person you once loved better off without you. Instead of being jealous or bitter, they are accepting and hoping that the other person is happier even if they are with someone else. To me, this is a perfect song. Seeley’s voice shines over a smooth acoustic guitar and the lyrics are so beautiful.

That sweet sentiment is totally gone on “Icarus” though. The harsher vocals by Del Carmen on the chorus mirrors the angry and bitter lyrics in the song. There is far more contempt in this song but follows an upbeat vibe with great guitars and drums.

“Dopamine” is the chemical in your brain that triggers feelings of happiness which is how I feel with the drums on this song. It’s a fast paced song about having someone that makes you happy, breathing life back into you.

The album ends with “Tails”, a guitar driven track about wanting to be the best versions of ourselves. Redemption and perseverance are major factors playing into the story and the strong instrumentation and vocals pair up nicely. Trailing at the end of the track is a subtle, “Think love and loathing's all I've got. Sometimes I think it's all I want,” which brings us full circle.

With Confidence really impressed me on this album, especially in the areas of storytelling and instrumentals. The lyrics are far more mature and the instrumentals are strong all throughout the album, regardless of whether the track is a drum driven guitar banger or an acoustic ballad. I really enjoyed this album, and if you do as well check out their tour! They are currently finishing off their United States leg and will be heading to the UK so snag a ticket to their show while you still can.

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