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All Time Low Indianapolis Show Review and Gallery

Review by Rebecca Hooey 

Photos by Ashleigh Graybill

On Sunday August 7th, 2018, All Time Low stopped by the Egyptian Room at Old National Centre in Indianapolis, Indiana with tour partners Gnash and Dashboard Confessional. The large room was jam packed with fans ready to experience two classic acts perform both new and old favorites.

Gnash started the evening, getting people warmed up and ready to go crazy with his emotional, yet upbeat songs. He kept energy high, while also prepping the crowd to feel a lot of feelings later on. He even mixed some classic pop punk into his set, sampling Tell Me It’s Okay by Paramore in his song of the same name.

Next was Dashboard Confessional, and dear god, no one was ready for this. They chose to open with their hit Vindicated, which really got everyone in the perfect emotional mindset to experience the rest of their set. Their stage presence was amazing and, overall, they showed a mastery over crowd participation. This set was a rollercoaster, to be sure.

Lastly, All Time Low stepped onto the stage with their usual swagger and charisma, opening with Damned If I Do Ya. There’s really nothing quite like an All Time Low concert, between the wild antics that the members get up to and the heartfelt lyrics. Crowds are always and consistently excited and having the time of their lives for the entirety of their set. Even during the slower songs (at this show they chose to slow down with Therapy and Good Times), there’s a certain energy to the crowd that isn’t easily replicated anywhere else. All in all, the camaraderie of the night is something that I carried away with me even after it ended.

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