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Beach Bunny Interview

Interview by Carmen Mueller

We got the chance to catch up with Lili from Beach Bunny about her upcoming EP and future plans. Check out the interview below to find out more about the Chicago native!

Carmen: I know you began Beach Bunny by yourself in 2015 with you "Animalism" EP, so what was it like beginning your career as a solo act?

Lili: Beginning Beach Bunny was one of the best decisions I ever made. My freshmen year of college a ton of people were involved in local music and It made me want to be part of something. I feel like I've always been drawn to music, but It's weird actually being part of a music scene, it's been a very exciting time. There was definitely a huge learning curve at the beginning but It kind of felt like it was something I was suppose to be doing, I still feel that way. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Carmen: Who did you have as a support system when you were first started?

Lili: I love my friends so much and they have always been my biggest support system through everything. Lots of my friends are involved in music and they've not only been there through the hard times but they also are also some of the most inspiring people I know. I owe a lot to my friends, and I'm grateful I have so many trustworthy people in my life.

Carmen: How would you describe your sound to someone who is just starting to listen to your band?

Lili: Beach Bunny's definitely an indie / power pop project. Most of the songs are upbeat melodically with super emo lyrics. The goal is to make you feel like you wanna dance and cry at the same time.

Carmen: You've been doing music and performing for the past three years, what about you has changed since you started?

Lili: A lot of stuff has changed since Beach Bunny started, probably the biggest thing being getting on larger shows and being recognized for music which is super sick. I've gotten to play shows alongside artists I really look up to which has been surreal. I feel like over time the project went from playing acoustic sets in friends' basements, to opening sets at venues, and now to headlining shows. Until last year I worked on the artwork, recording, performances, ect. independently and now I work alongside other people. Especially adding a live band and working with the boys, has been a significant change.

Carmen: What are you most excited about the touring you'll be doing this summer with Remo Drive and Field Music?

Lili: Remo drive is one of my favorite bands so the band and I are super hyped to be touring with them. This will be the first time ever touring so I think that opportunity in itself is super exciting. Also the west coast is sick and I'm stoked to play in LA since there's a lot of listeners out there!

Carmen: Where do you hope to be in a year from now?

Lili: I hope by this time next year to have an album out and a headlining tour lined up. Honestly my main goal is to graduate as quickly as possible so I can do music full time haha, so I hope i'm out of college by summer 2019. Thinking about how life will be a year from now is really overwhelming, I just hope I'm happy doing what I love.

Carmen: Your sound has changed since "Animalism", so what kind of style can we expect from your "Prom Queen" EP?

Lili: Prom Queen is an EP that tell's the story of teen hood. First heartbreak, insecurity, growing up, uncertainty. I tried to write about some topics I haven't covered before, even though there's still familiar themes and sad girl vibes. When I wrote ANIMALISM I was super into 1950s-60s oldies, doo-wop and bubblegum pop, but with Prom Queen I've been listening to a lot more emo and indie rock which I think influenced the sound of the EP. I don't really write with a genre in mind, but in general the underlining sound will always be some form of pop. I think with Prom Queen you can expect more dancy riffs and more depth in the songwriting.

Carmen: Finally, what would you like to say to all of your fans that have so lovingly followed your journey?

Lili: It's hard to put into words how grateful I am for all the love and support over the years, especially this last year has been insane. For anyone who has come out to a show, bought a track, said a kind word, or streamed a song thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Beach Bunny would not be anywhere without you.

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