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Paramore Premiere New Music Video Plus Announce New Show

Written by Carmen Mueller

Calling all Paramore fans! Yesterday your favorite band released a music video for “Caught in The Middle” from their praised album After Laughter. From the looks of it, the video is full of eye-candy; space sequences, dancing on gigantic fruit. It’s as if they stepped into an art gallery and were transported into the paintings themselves. Also, “Caught in The Middle” is a true jam, so there’s no reason to not check out this video!

Additionally, another tour date has been added to the lineup. Paramore Art + Friends will be a celebration for Nashville music, art and community. Other acts that will be supporting Paramore include COIN, Bully, Canon Blue, Liza Anne & Nightingail. So if you are in the Nashville area and have been dying to see Paramore, now is your chance! The event will be on Friday, September 7 at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, TN. Don’t miss out!

Check the video out below!

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