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Drake Bell 6/8/18 RocHaus Review and Gallery

Photos by Ashleigh Graybill

Review by Andi Scaletta

Drake Bell played RocHaus in Dundee, IL on Friday June 8th, 2018. While Bell played this show as an artist, most people only recognize him for his acting career, in particular Drake & Josh. Which is a shame because while Bell is a fantastic actor, he is also a stellar musician and an inspiring entertainer. The energy Bell supplied to the audience with every stroke on the guitar was magical. Bell played an entire set using only an acoustic guitar and a microphone. Each song contained immense passion in the lyrics (and I’m talking about the songs that are not the Drake & Josh theme song.) Drake Bell has been playing music for over a decade and there is no wonder why; he absolutely loves it. It is extremely evident that he is having the time of his life when he is on stage performing for his audience. He played his newest EP “Honest” in its entirety as well as songs from “It’s Only Time” and “Ready Steady Go!” As predicted, Bell closed the night with two of his most recognizable songs, “Makes Me Happy” and, of course, the Drake & Josh Theme Song “I Found a Way.” Playing songs from each album shows that Bell is proud of all the music he has written and still finds joy in playing older songs. Overall, the music and performance were entertaining and a real treat to the eyes, ears and heart.

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