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Echosmith 4/14/18 Chicago Show Review

Review and Photos by Ashleigh Graybill

Last Saturday, April 14th, Echosmith played The Metro in Chicago.

Jena Rose from Texas started off the night. She brought a unique voice and style to the stage. She really got the crowd to dance along. Toward the end of the set she switched places with her keyboardist to demonstrate her many talents.

Next up The Score based out of New York brought a little more edge to the stage. They kicked off the night with a catchy dance song which caught the crowds attention. They showed a lot of stage presence and were able to gain a lot of new fans.

Finishing off the night was Echosmith. The fans had been patiently waiting for them all night. Sydney didn’t disappoint with her strong vocals. They made sure to interact with the crowd and make sure people felt a sense of closeness as if it were an intimate show. After the first song confetti was blasted into the corner making a great show. They ended the show on their song “Cool Kids” which is a fun upbeat song.

The show was definitely fun and make sure to check out all these amazing bands.

Be sure to check out our photo gallery from the show below!

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