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7MIH, Story Untold, Detour North, Plans and Arvia Show Review - Downers Grove, IL 12/15/17

Review and Video by Matty Jiles

On Friday December 15, 7 Minutes in Heaven headlined an energy filled show at Evolution Music in Downers Grove, Illinois. Not only did the show draw a successful crowd ready for a great time, but it also had a very solid lineup, bringing one of my favorite shows I've seen all year. Kicking off the show was Arvia. Even with a fill in guitarist, the band was incredibly together, and started off the night on a high note. Their catchy pop punk stylings warmed up the crowd well, and this was easily one of their tightest and most together sets they've had in a while. Indiana natives Plans definitely were a surprise to me, delivering a very powerful and emotional set. The band brought passion and heart to the stage, and had the crowd intrigued from the moment they took the stage. Along with the songs the band preached messages of belongingness and inclusion, which brought a warm atmosphere to the room. This was definitely a highlight of the already impressive night. Chicago favorites Detour North played an energy filled set, despite a few technical difficulties. This band encouraged crowd participation throughout most of the set, and the crowd definitely responded in a positive light. Detour North was able to rile up the crowd in ways that rivaled the headliner, with crowds singing along and enjoying the bands tight musicianship. Coming all the way from Canada, Story Untold made themselves right at home in the Chicagoland area. The band had very catchy and fun songs, fitting in perfect for this already stacked bill. They finished off their set with a medley of pop punk classics which left the crowd hyped and was a perfect way to lead up to the nights headliner. Capping off the night was 7 Minutes in Heaven, who brought an ecstatic set of favorites, primarily from their two most recent EP’s. Despite bassist Alex Rogers being ill, the band managed to pull off a very solid set, filled with mosh pits, sing alongs, and even their guitarist jumping into the crowd. They also played an acoustic Christmas song, which helped to bring a sense of dynamic to the already electric night. This show was definitely a treat for pop punk fans, and showed off the musicianship of so many acts. Even though each act was similar in vibe, they all managed to stand out and bring a sense of identity to the night.

Check out the recap video here:

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